Digital assets accelerator and venture capital firm.

We have cultivated relationsips with some of the world’s leading blockchain companies, and focus on aligning emerging projects with established market forces and industry leaders to reach the global stage. 

Our team is made up of previous investment managers, founders, blockchain practitioners, and lawyers, with backgrounds in international payments, early-stage investments, equity markets, enterprise blockchain deployment and management consulting. Our team understands the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments while also appreciating the long-term potential of blockchain technology. 


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The Modern Assets Group offer a number of services to both blockchain-based projects and sophisticated investors.

  • Private investment fund and venture capital investment
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Multi tier fund-raising strategies 
  • Investor relations
  • Market making
  • Accelerator / Launch Pad
  • Full suite blockchain advisory
  • Ecosytem and community events with our Insights, Retreat, and Hangout offerings
  • Infrastructure and security


Meet our Team

In the future decentralised currencies and networks will compete directly with traditional government currencies and the current central bank infrastructure. The internet changed the way information moves, the blockchain will change the way value moves. If you want to know more about bitcoin, blockchain, Ethereum, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

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These guys know their stuff. They have helped me navigate the complicated world of cryptos by providing training on setting myself up to trade (so I am protected) and then guidance and insights into ICO’s and the ever changing digital asset market.

Lisa Carey

Great team of very knowledgeable guys. They help me daily with up to date, short, medium and long term investments and have an avid interest in making it work for you.

Josh Baker

What an awesome and knowledgeable community to help you face the crypto world.

SC Cheung

Great Team at Modern Assets helping everyday people Navigate the fast moving Crypto Space

Gordon Christian