Carlo Sciubba
Managing Director / Trader

Has considerable experience in investing and trading markets. RG146 qualified, Carlo created and managed the corporate FX department for a tier one broker. Carlo regularly tests and deploys different trading strategies within the digital asset and FX markets.


Jon Allison
Head of Operations 

Graduated from University of Canberra with a B. Finance (Majoring in Banking and Financial Services). Worked as a Statistical Data Analyst, Superannuation Product Knowledge Specialist, FX Account Manager and FX Content Writer. Has considerable experience in FX Markets, Sales, Research and Database Management.


Jordan Baker
Head of Partnerships & Development 

Connects the dots between projects and investors whilst building communities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Leads initiatives and communication opportunities for projects and investors to better educate themselves for success in this fast changing environment. Serial entrepreneur with experience in both sales and business. RG146 qualified (foreign exchange) Account manager, Corporate Foreign exchange broker and business development manager. Has considerable experience networking and fund raising.


Kane Templeton
Strategy and Research / Blockchain

Experienced Blockchain Practitioner with strong business acumen from a background in management consulting, with a focus on operational transformation and corporate turnaround advisory. He advises enterprise and blockchain-based projects at Deloitte Blockchain Australia and is a Blockchain Practitioner for dbc3 Research Group (Global Deloitte Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Community)—three global blockchain hubs serving Americas, APAC and EMEA regions. Additionally, Kane is the Founder of Merkkle (sold ‘18), and Founder of League of ICOs Group (sold ’18); Global Ambassador for IOTA IEN and Australian Ambassador for Edenchain. Kane is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Accounting.


Backgrounds in proprietary trading and cross-border payments.

Our team consists of financial professionals who have worked in corporate FX and proprietary trading. Our previous experience has given us the confidence and foresight to invest directly into what we perceive as good trades and the future of payments technology. 

 Blockchain Networking

Modern assets have developed extensive international networks within the cryptocurrency community.
We regularly engage with C-level executives to evaluate investment opportunities.

Our Mission

The cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and extremely complicated to navigate. At Modern Assets we aim to provide research around the assets simplifying the investment process and discuss with our community on the risks involved, as well as the potential opportunities that are suitable for portfolio structures and trading strategies.