Our boutique monthly membership service offers clients an extensive combination of ICO analysis, venture capital investments, investing techniques and market updates with the Modern Assets team. If you have any questions about the membership club please contact us on (07) 56306561 or

Our closed Telegram group will be available for all paying members as a forum to communicate directly with the Modern Asset team, as well as other members of the club. This inclusive platform is great for members to discuss ideas and investments, not only with our team, but with the rest of the community as well, giving them the ability to bounce ideas off each other and come up with the best formula to reduce risk and maintain success. We invest mainly in undervalued coins and Start up Initial Coin Offerings “Pre Sales”

Portfolio management & trading opinions: We provide members access to our company portfolio structures and position management. Follow the team during volatile markets in real time to see how they position their portfolio and monitor payment flows in existing blockchains.

Research and Analysis: We personally select the best opportunities within the ICO and existing coin markets to provide our members with detailed analysis on potential investments. As we have come to see in the cryptocurrency markets, timing is key and we have developed international networks and relationships that keep us informed and up-to-date on prospective projects and opportunities, effectively keeping us ahead of the game.