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Trades that Modern Assets take are sent using social media apps followed by an email explanation with back test results, technical explanation and fundamentals.

Risk Management 

Any trade that Modern Assets take will come with a list off all trades over the last 3 years at that corresponding standard deviation, the profitability of each of those trades, the total profit on those trades, the holding periods, and importantly the maximum draw down at any time on any of those trades. We discuss positions sizes in units, 1 unit representing a small % risk of total capital allocated to your trading account.
Our model avoids short term noise, which is where lot traders go wrong and lose money.

Model Overview

It is not something new, in its current form, it is NOT a scalping model identifying intraday opportunities, the average holding period of trades is somewhere around about 3 months. Patience is required, Read any trading book like Market Wizards, and you will know that the real money is made by getting on big trends, letting your profits run, and cutting losses short. Our model is a is a long/short model with USD neutral positions that is, the positions are all in cross pairs taking out the USD component which all currencies are traded against.  This removes a lot of noise of the USD and allows currencies to be traded purely on a relative value basis. At its core it is a mean reversion model, and ideally seeks highly correlated currency pairs that have deviated away from their mean values over the last 3 years’ time series of data. If you have any more questions about the model, please sign up to discuss.


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